Wednesday 10 February 2010

Radio Listings

Highlights. On BBC Radio Four this week: Did immigration transform Britain by accident? [1] Continuing a series of programmes raising important dust-questions, in this episode key-players discuss in a frank and open manner whether meetings convened themselves, policy-decisions made themselves, pens moved themselves, permissions issued themselves, borders opened themselves, and ideological support-statements propagandised themselves. Independent experts give their analyses. “Obviously, there is no such thing as personal or rational agency, only impersonal and material forces determining all the events that happen in the universe”, states Professor Maximillian Flapper, “so, yes, in a very real sense, everything happens by accident; and, naturally, as a corollary of that, it must be understood that I can bear no responsibility for making that statement, nor for demanding a fee for its inclusion in any publicity-material.” On BBC Radio Four next week: the return of the award-winning comedy-quiz Members of the Socialist Workers Party and Sundry Other Marxists Telling Jokes and Regaling Us with Their Hilarious and Colourful Perspectives on Current Events in the News. (A Gramscian Production for the BBC.) To be followed by the News.

[1] “Did immigration transform Britain by accident?”, BBC News Online, 8th February 2010. (H/T: Laban Tall, “Immigration, Immigration, Immigration”, UK Commentators (weblog), 9th February 2010.)