Thursday 15 April 2010

Masterplan Spiffing Ease; or The Jolly-Well Final Solution to the Racial Problem in Europe

“All we’ve got to do is wait a few generations. At which point there won’t be any ‘races’ to have any problems about.” [1]

It is no shock to find liberals recommending with the lightest of feelings the racial destruction of Europe as though it were of little more significance than the choosing of a tie. Neither the reality nor the meaning of it can easily appear to their shallow, image-addled, and connotation-wracked minds. [2] First of all they commit ideal genocide: races, peoples, and societies are eliminated from the mind, or conceptually reduced to the merest trivialities and irrelevancies to be brushed aside with the least fuss in a cool-hopeful air; thereafter they can regard the actual process with glee or without regret of loss, though it is in fact the loss not of trivialities but of long-developed and irretrievable forms of incalculable significance and worth, held to be so even by their near-forefathers whose sacrifices would be set close to naught by these most ignoble and rancid of men.

[1] Tim Worstall, “Solving all those Racial Problems”, Tim Worstall (weblog), 15th April 2010. One of his commenters notes with apparent regret that even the racial elimination of the Europeans in Europe will not solve the “problem” of differences therein: “the consequential elimination . . . in favour of a uniform coffee-coloured dark haired people won’t rid us of cultural differences”. What’s a poor genocidal philistine to do? Mere anti-racialism will not suffice if differences of every kind are to be extirpated, and the ultimate logical end, albeit impossible to realise, is — formless matter.
[2] See: “How to Commit Genocide”, herein.

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