Wednesday, 1 June 2005

Elton Trifles

Sir Elton John is quoted in The Guardian today:
When the Live Aid concert happened 20 years ago I was pretty much a self-obsessed drug addict. Although I was pleased to be part of a great day, I really wasn't adult enough or mature enough to realise the full consequences of what we were doing.
Sir Elton, who over the past twenty years has selflessly dedicated himself to a study of political economy, is now well known for his disdain of material comforts and is justly celebrated for his encyclopedic knowledge; nor is there about him a trace of the pleasure-seeking, narcissistic, moral and intellectual cretin who knows no more about politics or economics or history than does a parboiled titmouse.
.....The erudite Sir Elton, who in the mid-Nineties proved in a brilliant display of statistical mathematics the inefficacy of supply-side theory, is hoping to demonstrate the absurdity of free trade by playing the piano quite badly in front of a crowd of baying morons.


Anonymous said...

Whilst I would ordinarily deride and scorn the notion of market failure, the success of Sir Elton suggests that there might be something in it after all.

Deogolwulf said...

Tis a sorry affair.
By the way, you are my first ever commentator. Congratulations!