Friday, 7 October 2005

Fewtril #30

In the shameless world of radical-intellectual chicanery, one tries not only to have one’s cake and eat it, but also to establish that “cake” is an illegitimate ontological postulation, rendering void any talk of having or eating cakes.


Akaky said... this one of those propositions wherein the fact that that the ancien regime used cake to oppress the masses in the past is used to justify the oppression of currant cakes by the European Union today and the language is corrupted to make it appear that such an undesirable outcome is not in fact occurring?

dearieme said...

"currant cakes"? They were called "flies' cemetries" in my youth.

dearieme said...

Cakes galore.
Derrida's doughnuts - they have voids at the centre.
Foucault's fondant fancies - just empty calories, intellectually speaking.