Monday, 23 January 2006

Fewtril #59

If it were shown that the most effective and just solution to a pressing modern problem were an old-fashioned and “outmoded” idea, then one would most likely see our progressives standing fixed in principle against its adoption—and thus against progress; for one can see that progress for them is not so much a concern for betterment than a slogan for the adoption of their own ideas and an idée fixe for their future dominance.


dearieme said...

In your honour I am thinking of calling my dog "mudgeonry". (My previous one was called "in the Community".)

Deogolwulf said...

You go off, toying with the affections of other bloggers, and then come back with a comment like that!

Really, I've never been so . . .
well, it's good to have you back.