Tuesday, 11 April 2006

Far from the Fray

“[T]he ghoulish stereotypes that spread fear through Daily Mail-land: benefit scroungers, feral youths, problem families.”
(John Harris, “Bottom of the class”, The Guardian, 11th April 2006.)
One must suspect that this man — like so many of his fellow Guardianistas — has never walked through Stockport on a Wednesday afternoon.


dearieme said...

"benefit scroungers, feral youths, problem families": is this an allusion to the Blairs?

Anonymous said...

Most amusing, i just walked through a genteel part of Stockport on Friday and even that was enough for me. i do wish that writers who base their careers on generalisations about the poor, criminals, Muslims, etc., would actually spend some time living or working in ghettoes, like Theodore Dalrymple.