Thursday, 25 May 2006

Lofty Bubbling

“Each and every time I find myself sitting on a plane, somewhere between a European city and Delhi or Bombay, I always experience that same bubbling lightness of being and sense of expectation and anticipation.” [1]
.....I’d be inclined to put that down to the re-heated prawn biriyani, but then I’m no spiritual guru, unlike the author of those words, who is apparently “endeavoring to define the contours of a new human consciousness and culture”. [2]
[1] Andrew Cohen, “What a Place to Wake Up! Reflections on IndiaNotes From the Revolution: News and Views from Andrew Cohen and his Students (Weblog), 15th May 2006.
[2] EnlightenNext,

1 comment:

dearieme said...

"They call him a guru because it's easier to spell than 'charlatan'."