Thursday, 3 August 2006


Jean Baudrillard is set to appear at the Frieze Art Fair in London on the 14th October of this year [1]. Perhaps the organisers should promote it as a non-event.
[1] Charlotte Higgins, “Baudrillard to appear at London art fair”, The Guardian, 3rd July 2006.


dearieme said...

Of the modern French school: "Blethero ergo sum".

Deogolwulf said...

True. By the way, Dearieme, I particularly liked your comment over at The Daily Ablution:

"My fellow Romano-Britons, there's about as much chance of a handful of Anglo-Saxon pirate-chasers taking over the country as of Israel being re-instated. Yours, Vortigern."

dearieme said...

Thank you. I'm also trying to float the idea that if the unpleasant Mr Gibson were denied the chance to make more films that would be (oof!) McCarthyism.

dearieme said...

Aha, it has just occurred to me that I could call that a "deariememe". TGIF.