Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Atomic Moonbattery

North Korea’s first test of an atomic bomb is declared by one commenter to be “one huge step toward peace!” [1], while another believes “[c]ongratulations are in order”, [2] while another wishes, “good luck to all those who also want them” [3], while another opines, “I don’t care who has them”, [4], while another thinks we should “give every country a nuclear weapon” [5], while another plaintively declares himself “far more frightened of the Americans and Israel than any of the other so-called rogue states” [6], while another, as if speaking for them all, finds that “it is difficult to argue that North Korea shouldn't have nuclear weapons.” [7]
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dearieme said...

They eat mad dogs in North Korea.

Muslihoon said...

I'd dare say they'd like to eat mad dogs, if any remain alive that is.

I am always astonished, although I should not be, by the utter ridiculousness of some people's opinions. I simply can't imagine how some people can hold such nonsensical, irrational, unreasonable, and idiotic opinions.

Thank you, though, for exposing their idiocy, though. Good for a laugh or chuckle or two. :-)

Anonymous said...

My biggest problem with nuclear proliferation..is the hypocracy involved. My country has kept Israel supplied with hundreds of nuclear weapons. Where were the sanctions when Pakistan and India developed nuclear weapons?? I would like to see all nuclear weapons in the world destroyed...but the genie is out of the bottle and I'm afraid it will never return.

Regards the Koreans eating dogs..some peoples of the world do not consider animals as pets..but as a source of food. Having been ingrained with the idea that dogs and cats are strictly pets...don't know if I'd want to eat one....However, were I hungry enough...I would eat whatever it took to stay alive...
Great article Sir..

Deogolwulf said...

Welcome Ferny454, and thanks for the comment.