Thursday, 21 June 2007

Scattered Seeds

“When once incomprehensibility of speech was introduced by Fichte and the semblance of profundity was put in place of thought, the seeds were scattered which were to result in one corruption after another and finally in the complete demoralization of philosophy and thus of the whole of literature, which has arisen in our day.”
Arthur Schopenhauer, “Fragments for the History of Philosophy”, Parerga and Paralipomena, vol.1, tr. by E.F.J. Payne, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000), p.96.


Anonymous said...

As Albert Anastasia said,"I hate squealers!" Schopenhauer was not supposed to divulge that academic secret to the world.

Anonymous said...

Awa' tae Fichte wi' ye, mon!
It has a ring to it.

Cirdan said...


you might find this amusing.

Deogolwulf said...

Quite, Mr Barnswallow.

I like it, Dearieme.

Thanks for the link, Cirdan. (I have read the beginning of the essay, which is interesting, but cannot proceed, since I am not a subscriber.)