Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Advocates of Violence

It is becoming more common to hear a man claim that in no circumstance would he be an advocate of violence. In almost every case this is either humbug or thoughtless talk. Everyone but the genuine pacifist is an advocate of violence; for let us say that I were to break down a man’s door, drink his brandy, and ravish his wife, would he not then be an advocate of violence, even if only by the proxy of the police-force? It should happily go without saying that some violence is justified. The genuine pacifist who argues against this proposition must take the contradictory: that no violence is justified, which, assuming a moralism on his part, means that he believes that violence ought to be avoided at all costs, even at the cost of his brandy.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, glad to discover your site today.

These dynamics of pacifism and of violence puzzle me--at least as far as go the teachings of the Bible.
Jesus seemed to teach pacifism, yet I clearly recall scripture that shows Him plaiting a whip and violently using it.