Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Young Scallywags

“These young people [gang-yobs] need to be given value and more than that they need to experience economic equality”; [1] for only through the expropriated wealth of others can these misunderstood young scallywags afford to dress themselves in even more expensive sports-clothing, to buy even fancier mobile-phones, and, if old enough, to fit their cars with even wider tyres and exhaust-pipes, because, you know, without these upgrades, they will be forced to be even more violent and unpleasant. Or we could sterilise them — before they start breeding.
[1] Crystal Mahey, “Gang value”, Comment is Free (The Guardian’s weblog), 5th September 2007.


Anonymous said...

Do you remember Pamela Stephenson? "I know these kids. I know their lives. I know what they need. Cut their goollies off".
Or words to that effect.

Deogolwulf said...

The former comedienne, now head-shrinker? A wise prescription.

Anonymous said...

That's the lass. Wonderful on the telly, and the worst stand-up comedian/comedienne I've ever seen. We left before the interval.

Sky Captain said...

Oddly enough, Jo Brand was a psychiatric nurse before she became a comedienne.
Those eyes, those ears, that tooth!
I need another drink!
(I drink to your memory....)