Wednesday, 20 February 2008

A Little Advice

If being rich is ruining your life, [1] then why not try the obvious solution? To that end, please do not hesitate to contact me, whereupon I shall be only too happy to arrange for the alleviation of your suffering in the form of your sending me cheques, postal orders, or, preferably, cash. Any amount will be as gratefully received as it is given — the more, the merrier, for me as well as for you. Failing that, you could always give the money to charity. Either way, you could thereby dissipate your riches, avoid spending money on a nice house and a comfortable life, and thus blessedly find no need “to forgive [your] father and be grateful” [2] to him for giving you all that money in the first place — and perhaps then, by the graces of poverty and ingratitude, you would find happiness at last.
[1] “Francesca”, Letter to Lesley Garner: “Lifeclass: ‘Being rich is ruining my life’”, The Telegraph, 19th February 2008.
[2] Ibid.


Anonymous said...

Or get thee to a nunnery.

Anonymous said...

One just wonders why this degree of solipsism is indulged to the extent it is.

Does everybody have the right to be a suffering victim nowadays? Battered, in their imagination, this way and that by malevolent forces completely outside of their control.

Sky Captain said...

Money is preferable to poverty, if only for financial reasons.~Woody Allen