Saturday, 7 November 2009

By Three-Thirds

“You cannot play fast and loose with England”, says Lord Hattersley, in a paean of new patriotism [1], whereat Mr Laban Tall wonders whether hanging is too good for him. [2] I am inclined to say that it is, although, if we added drawing and quartering, the matter could be settled rightly and in a manner fit for a latter-day lord of misrule.

[1] Roy Hattersley, “My search for God’s own country and why I wouldn’t swap England for anywhere else”, Mail Online, 6th November 2009.
[2] Laban Tall, “Sparkbrook”, UK Commentators (weblog), 7th November 2009.


dearieme said...

Don't forget that Lord Hattersley of Slavvery-Spitty was once half of the Labour "dream team".

James Higham said...

Yes but he might jump and cheat the disembowelling phase.