Sunday, 6 December 2009

Lifting the Benighting Mist

“Queenie understands the drabness of Britain without immigration and grabs her chance of excitement, defiant of the heart-breaking consequences. The real point of diversity, on television and in life, is not that [it] is correct but that it is vibrant.” [1]

It seems that, for thousands of years, Europe was burdened with unremitting drabness, its hideous peoples condemned to unvibrant lives; but that now the dark ages are over, and the present age is yielding ever more to a bright future whereunder the benighting mist of the dullest and most hideous race on earth will finally lift to reveal a sunlit land of vibrant diversity. Praise the gods — or buy a Kalashnikov.

[1] Sarah Sands, “See why diversity works – switch on your set”, The Independent on Sunday, 6th December 2009. (“Vibrant and diverse” — the gibber of mass-insanity.)


dearieme said...

How very dim she must be not to realise that "vibrant" is usually used with heavy sarcasm these days. Or perhaps she doesn't mix widely?

Deogolwulf said...

I keep expecting the word to fall into disuse. Surely, I think to myself, no one could still use it in earnest. But it keeps turning up.

pedant2007 said...

Where I live (in a town often described by local politicians as "vibrant") it always calls to my mind the frequent earthquakes. But I evidently have a bent to literalism.

Anonymous said...

I've heard this line before. Diversity is interesting, monoculture is boring. Well, it is said that one of the most exciting things in life is to be shot at and missed.


James Higham said...

defiant of the heart-breaking consequences