Thursday, 15 April 2010

Masterplan Spiffing Ease; or The Jolly-Well Final Solution to the Racial Problem in Europe

“All we’ve got to do is wait a few generations. At which point there won’t be any ‘races’ to have any problems about.” [1]

It is no shock to find liberals recommending with the lightest of feelings the racial destruction of Europe as though it were of little more significance than the choosing of a tie. Neither the reality nor the meaning of it can easily appear to their shallow, image-addled, and connotation-wracked minds. [2] First of all they commit ideal genocide: races, peoples, and societies are eliminated from the mind, or conceptually reduced to the merest trivialities and irrelevancies to be brushed aside with the least fuss in a cool-hopeful air; thereafter they can regard the actual process with glee or without regret of loss, though it is in fact the loss not of trivialities but of long-developed and irretrievable forms of incalculable significance and worth, held to be so even by their near-forefathers whose sacrifices would be set close to naught by these most ignoble and rancid of men.

[1] Tim Worstall, “Solving all those Racial Problems”, Tim Worstall (weblog), 15th April 2010. One of his commenters notes with apparent regret that even the racial elimination of the Europeans in Europe will not solve the “problem” of differences therein: “the consequential elimination . . . in favour of a uniform coffee-coloured dark haired people won’t rid us of cultural differences”. What’s a poor genocidal philistine to do? Mere anti-racialism will not suffice if differences of every kind are to be extirpated, and the ultimate logical end, albeit impossible to realise, is — formless matter.
[2] See: “How to Commit Genocide”, herein.


Dude said...

But Mr Deogolwulf, I am quite confused! They say there is no such thing as race! Whence all these Racial Problems? Blimey!

James Higham said...

Social engineering is on its way - the great British public is welcoming it in.

Deogolwulf said...

Mr Dude,

I am afraid there are still troglodytic leanings which weigh against the recognition that biological realities have desisted through the marvel of ideological exigencies. But fear not: rigorous enlightenment shall win the day.

Deogolwulf said...

Mr Higham,

It's been about for yonks. The Great British Public is one of its products: a Great Pile of Poo.

robert61 said...

After the heat death of the universe, these pesky inequalities will disappear. How I long for that golden age to come.

Deogolwulf said...

Speaking of which:

“The German Institute for Human Rights has called for the concept of race to be erased from the German constitution. On Tuesday, Beate Rudolf, head of the Institute, asserted that this is necessary since any theory which indicates the existence of races is itself already racist.”

[“Der Begriff der Rasse soll aus dem deutschen Grundgesetz getilgt werden, hat das Deutsche Institut für Menschenrechte gefordert. Dies sei notwendig, da jede Theorie, die auf die Existenz von Rassen hinweise, selbst bereits rassistisch sei, behauptete die Institutsleiterin Beate Rudolf am Dienstag.”]

“‘Rasse’ soll aus dem Grundgesetz getilgt werden”, Junge Freiheit , 16. April 2010.

Matt said...

I think race for liberals falls under the rubric of 'truths too dangerous to utter'. They (well, some of them anyway) think race does exist, and that it probably correlates with other biological attributes, even smarts.

The issue is that liberals also think they live in incorrigibly racist societies that are just waiting for a reason to kick off the Fourth Reich, and so they can't talk about this stuff.

And I think they are sincere in this belief, despite it being completely bonkers.

Bruce Charlton said...

Interestingly, denial of 'biological' differences between races allows, or even entails, an honest acknowledgment of significant and long-term (multi-generational, and very resistant-to-change) differences according to culture or ethnicity:

These two views (ie. biological difference and enduring cultural difference) actually have very similar policy implications.

Of course, the mainstream left-liberal ruling elite view - i.e. that differences between races, sexes, ethnicities are primarily due to prejudice - is certainly untrue: inconsistent with known facts.

Tim Worstall said...

"First of all they commit ideal genocide: races, peoples, and societies are eliminated from the mind, or conceptually reduced to the merest trivialities and irrelevancies to be brushed aside with the least fuss in a cool-hopeful air; "

Oh dear, you do seem to have grasped the wrong end of the stick. The original article and also my point was about how people seem to find those of "mixed race" more attractive. Analagous to hybrid vigour.

This is to do with skin colour, face shape, frizziness or not of hair, epicanthic fold or not and so on.

This is absolutely nothing at all to do with "people" (like, say, The English who are of course so massively outbred to not be a race and haven't been for centuries) and nothing whatsoever to do with "societies" (like, say, that of The English which has and will survive problems a great deal greater than a slight cafe au lait tinge to the population).

Just as an example, you might note that a very large number of people who aren't as pink as I am have successfully passed Norm Tebbit's cricket test. Some sufficiently successfully that they are the ones being cheered, not among those doing the cheering.

In a country where those of any skin colour and none growing up in the same town end up with the same local accent there's clearly rather more to "society", "peoples" and "culture" than skin colour.

Deogolwulf said...

Mr Worstall,

You write that you wish to see the disappearance of races by miscegenation in order to solve all racial problems, and now you claim it was simply a point about “how people seem to find those of ‘mixed race’ more attractive”. Phew! The only thing that casts me in doubt is whether that is a dumb lie or an utterance of grand self-deception. I find it difficult to argue with the rest of your comment since it is barely coherent. Mind you, if all this is “absolutely nothing at all to do with people . . . and nothing whatsoever to do with societies”, then I have no idea what is at issue. The weather, perhaps? Very “English”, dontchaknow. If you believe that “English” refers in one sense to an extinct people and in another sense to any society that might happen to retain the name “English” irrespective of its composition or line of descent, but whose members would perhaps support “England” at cricket, whether or not the team is “English”, whatever those words might mean, then why even retain the word “English”? Is it not a mere sign, a puff of wind, a splodge of ink, referring to nothing in particular, indeed to anything we might fancy? Or is it words, and not mere realities, to which you are attached? It tends to become that way with loony ideologues.

xlbrl said...

Misery not only loves company, it insists on it.

David Duff said...

Those rascals over at 'I Hate the Media' trod in these words by evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa, who comes to us from the London School of Economics

So more intelligent people are more likely to acquire unnatural preferences and values and being a liberal is one of them and as a result more intelligent people tend to be more liberal than less intelligent people.”

See, that's your problem, 'Deogolwulf', you're as thick as six short Ghurkhas which is why you're such an unreconstructed, old re-actionary!

Oh, and the rascals at 'IHTM' are "very naughty boys!

C. Van Carter said...

Worstall said: "The English who are of course so massively outbred to not be a race and haven't been for centuries"

Of course that's completely wrong.

Honorius Monkeymember said...
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tommy said...

Tim Worstall has apparently never heard of a little country named Brazil.

Anonymous said...

What is going on over there!?

Deogolwulf said...

Nothing out of the ordinary. Just a few flicks of the beast's tail.

Mike Courtman said...

Globalisation may be reducing the significance of race at the sub-continental level but it seems to be increasing its importance at the global.

Note how people are comparing, how say Black crime in the UK compares with Black crime in the US or how interracial marriage in Brazil compares with interracial marriage in the United States.

We're now just one big melting pot for interracial comparison and competition - not quite what liberals intended I don't suppose.