Saturday, 13 November 2010

In the Interregnum

“All manly peoples today have a bad name; the Prussians are the prototype. In the interregnum, however, it is not mothers but hermaphrodites who prevail.”

[“Alle männlichen Völker sind heut in Verruf; die Preußen sind der Prototyp. Im Interregnum sind aber nicht die Mütter, sondern die Zwitter maßgebend.”]

Ernst Jünger, Brief an Carl Schmitt, 23. August 1970, in Ernst Jünger – Carl Schmitt: Briefe 1930-1983, hrsg., H. Kiesel (Stuttgart: Klett-Cotta, 1999), p.376.


dearieme said...

How did hermaphrodites get omitted from "LGBT"? This outrageous discrimination, tantamount to racism, requires..... (continued on page 94).

Anonymous said...

The West has only continued trying to blur the distinctions between the sexes all the more since 1970. In the United States, a high official of education for the State of Maine has seriously suggested that it is indeed invidious discrimination to tell schoolchildren which restroom they must use.

@ dearime: Would you advise HLGBT, LHGBT, or LGHBT? Or, how about BLGTH?

Mark Tully said...

The left continues to push us toward a nihilistic and meaningless existence. As Carl Schmitt (the subject of the source where this was quoted from) wrote, when we push ourselves toward absolute equality we push ourselves toward an emptiness that is stripped of anything that makes us unique. This includes our sexes.

CONSVLTVS, I think BLGHT makes sense. You can say it out loud and it expresses the general sentiment of the "equality" everyone wants so badly.

Anonymous said...

You know, the guys they call "Taliban".

Pan Cogito said...

while I agree, I don't think one should confuse stiffness for masculinity.

Also, to respond to Tully; yes, the left, but also the age of our civilization is what makes it both senile and childish and vapid. And then there's the age old serpent - technoscience.