Monday, 8 November 2010

An Unamazing Thing

“The amazing thing, in a world where a single mis-tap on Google shows us how vast, complex and miscellaneous is the human sexual instinct, is that people, especially columnists, keep thinking there’s a ‘right’.” [1]

An unamazing thing is that liberal columnists, in being witnesses to widespread lewdness, mistake this as showing that there’s no wrong; for here once again arises that enthymemetic genius which has breathed life into liberal irrationality and relativism for hundreds of years: lots of folk do or believe sundry things at odds with one another, therefore, there is no right or wrong thing amongst them.

[1] Victoria Coren, “Pineapple sex is not for us all”, Comment is Free (The Guardian’s weblog), 7th November 2010.

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Ilíon said...

Might this explain, at lest in part, the "liberal" love for totalitarianism? For, no man, least of all he who vociferously proclaims “There is no right or wrong!” actually *believes* that there is no right or wrong. So, since so many “liberals” base their denial of real right and wrong on the fact that not all men do what is right, nor agree in all minutia on just what the right is, then, since “liberals” do, after all (and contrary to their assertions), believe that there really is a right and a wrong, it seems to follow in their twisted little minds that all men must be made to do *precisely* those things they themselves believe to be right, no matter what cost to “convince” them to do it.