Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Fewtril no.279

Logical positivism was more scorn than logical commitment. That might explain its lingering appeal despite its self-refutation.

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James Higham said...

Logical positivism was more scorn than logic. That might explain its lingering appeal in spite of its self-refutation. [Deogolwulf

Add this:

"The logical positivists' persistent concern with metaphysics, the unity of science, and the interpretation of the theoretical terms of science, as well as the doctrines of reductionism and phenomenalism, [were] later abandoned by many positivists."

All of the above is not inconsistent with another angle and the key to that angle is in "the logical positivists' persistent concern with metaphysics". For in metaphysics is contained deism and the concept of one's Maker. In that is contained Christianity and in Christianity is contained a set of precepts for the orderly running of the world which are totally at odds with the exploitation of a defenceless population by a power hostile to Man and also identifies that power, with a view to setting up defences against it.

Those defences must never be allowed to take a hold.

We see that hostility towards Ordinary Man today in so many places and decried on so many blogs, in political terms. In order to destroy Man, one must firstly remove his defences and the best way to do that is not by frontal assault but by playing on his natural predelections, providing him with absurd philosophies with street cred, philosophies which sound, to the ordinary mortal, esoteric and wise, enshrining them in the universities and places of learning and repeating them ad nauseam, until they become the accepted wisdom.

One must secondly create an atmosphere where no one speaks of G-d anymore for in speaking of G-d, it is all too easy to also speak of the obscure power which seeks to enslave and destroy Man, even in its very denial by "enlightened" Man.