Thursday, 24 November 2005

Fewtril #42

Against what is usually said, it is not the Muslim but the Christian who must adapt to the reality of the Western order, in one way at least; namely in that if he wishes the liberal intelligentsia to pay respect and even obeisance to his religion, he should hold the threat of violence over those who do not; for time and again, our self-styled guardians of thought have shown themselves to be swayed less by argument and righteousness than by violence and power; for they are the quintessence of corrupt intellect and craven character.


Akaky said...

But we already knew this, didnt we?

Galilei said...

What you say is very interesting: I have a colleague at work who is puzzled by the Islamic terrorism: if he thinks that they could be classified as 'freedom fighters', he start thinking that they are using the right strategy to achieve their purposes.