Thursday, 24 November 2005

Fewtril #43

If you wish to fathom the ills of modern society, a good place to start is sociology; and once you have learnt from this mistake, you can begin to look at the matter seriously; and once you have looked at the matter seriously, you can then begin to take account of what is due to sociology.


dearieme said...

Look, something is going to have to change around here. You post a fewtril, such as this or the one below, then I scratch my head and wonder how to rephrase "how very true" in some mildly interesting variant. This dialogue lacks creative tension. I have a reputation for irony - or at least sarcasm - to protect. Either you must begin to say silly things or I'll have to shut up. Which is it gonna be, buster?

Deogolwulf said...

I'm sorry - it's not that I don't have plenty of native silliness to express, but I am doing my best to suppress it. I can see that the spark is lacking, however.

How about we have a Radical Lesbian Feminist Week? I could assume the persona of some tenured Prof-Ms, and talk about how shopping at Tesco is a sublimated form of rape. I might even suggest a causal link between testosterone and the curdling of milk.

How does that sound?

berenike said...

Queer Musicology? (discovering this on the syllabus was when I decided not to bother taking up my MSt place . . . but feminist musicology would have had the same effect. Raping the key of C?)

Anonymous said...

Sociology per se or just the Gramscian idiots that teach it?

Deogolwulf said...

I don't suppose the formal study of society has ever helped society itself - a peaceable one is much too delicate a thing to survive inspection and rationalisation.
Sociology itself has rarely if ever been solely about studying society; rather it has been the tool of those who would wish to transform it. Enter the Marxians, the Gramscians, and sundry other blighters - all bent on "capturing the culture".