Sunday, 21 June 2009

At Dr Cholodenko's Service

For any taurocoprologist, the appearance of each issue of the International Journal of Baudrillard Studies is an exciting event. For me, however, the latest issue carries an added thrill. Dr Alan Cholodenko, the world’s foremost analyst of quantum-mechanical effects in cartoons, has considered Paul Cossins [1] and me worthy of note in an interview therein:
If one Googles my name, one will find tagged to it a blog called ‘The Joy of Curmudgeonry: The International Journal of Boundless Idiocy’ (31 January 2006). Refusing to provide his given name, the blog’s author calls her/himself Deogolwulf; and s/he names her/his residence Lancashire, England! (. . . but of course, that could be a sham address on the part of ‘Deogolwulf’!)

If one examines the content of the blog, it seems ‘Deogolwulf’ is one among several analytic philosophers engaged in deriding me as an ‘idiot’, but not only me: the International Journal of Baudrillard Studies, as the journal of idiots. Of course, that derision is marked in the very title of the blog, meant to refer to the IJBS. So s/he and his/her mates, like Paul Cossins, paint with a scatter gun, mocking not only me but the journal, those it publishes, and even Baudrillard himself and his work as ‘idiocy’. (Indeed, for explicit disparagement by ‘Deogolwulf’ of Baudrillard, see ‘his’ piece entitled ‘The Professor of Absurdity’, The Joy of Curmudgeonry, 9 December 2005: [citation link].)

The denigration of me appears to follow this ‘logic’: how can a person teaching in an art history and theory department in Australia presume they have the right and ability to talk about and comment on Stephen Hawking, as I do so in my article ‘The Nutty Universe of Animation, the “Discipline” of All “Disciplines”, and That’s Not All, Folks!’, published in IJBS 3/1, January 2006?

But here it is crucial for me to declare: while I am a bit miffed by the blog and its ridicule, to say nothing of its being tagged to my name, at the same time I find it and these derogatory pronouncements marvelous, wonderful gifts, for they help to establish my bona fides, as it were! One needs enemies, Alexandr, even jokers like these, whom I have clearly and powerfully provoked, as has Baudrillard, the IJBS and those who publish therein. For me, their mockery turns on itself, mocking only them. For me, the hilarious and derogatory term Cossins and ‘Deogolwulf’ deploy in ‘The Professor of Absurdity’ reverses on them, turning into a self-description: ‘taurocoprologists’. So, instead of replying to them in a direct manner with reasoned responses, instead of trying to engage them in scholarly debate, I choose to just have a good laugh, one at their expense. I know this is how Baudrillard did and would ‘reply’ to such close-minded, empty-headed abusive utterances. [2]
I am honoured to have helped a man of Dr Cholodenko’s stature establish his bona fides, as it were, and I shall be at his service again if ever he should need it.

[1] Fellow taurocoprologist and erstwhile commenter at this blog.
[2] Alan Cholodenko, interviewed by Alexandr Dyakov, “An Interview With Alan Cholodenko”, International Journal of Baudrillard Studies, Vol.6:2, July 2009.


James Higham said...


That's not a variant on Proctologist, is it?

Still, congrats and keep up the good work.

dearieme said...

"the world’s foremost analyst of quantum-mechanical effects in cartoons": are you turning into Peter Simple, or is that pukkah?

Deogolwulf said...

Don't you remember our old friend, Dr Cholodenko? If you can bear it, read his article "The Nutty Universe of Animation".

robert61 said...

Har. Dr Cholodenko showed you with that reply, 'Deogolwulf'. As one of the bad guys in Goodfellas said, more or less, 'You can't taurocoprologize a taurocoprologist.'

One can't help noticing, however, that Dr C rather obscurely misses a couple of opportunities to gender-neutralize your pronoun - the obscurity resting chiefly in the quotes he places around the second default to masculinity.

Pip pip, old boy/girl.

Sean said...

Mr. Deogolwulf: The International Society of Psychoceramicists warmly invites you and your esteemed taurocoprologists into our guild. Mr. Cholodenko -- to no one's surprise -- has confused the hallowed "taurocoprologist" with the title of his own profession: coprophagist.

Deogolwulf said...

Mr 61, I was chastened, but I took it like a wo/man.

Sean, I humbly accept.

Paul Cossins said...

It is a great honour to have one's name appear in that august journal. But as for being called a "mate" of an "analytical philosopher" -- that's an outrage! I demand a retraction!

Deogolwulf said...

Shocking, isn't it? (I think "analytical philosopher" in this case means anyone who has heard of Baudrillard or Derrida, but wishes he hadn't.)