Wednesday, 10 June 2009

An Old Play

“I guess you are a B.N.P supporter but you have conceded that we Muslims are allies in the fight against the ultra-left anti-family fanatics. In this case you should support us since we are the only morally serious section of the British population left. Look at the animalistic sexual incontinence of white Britons and the mass production of feral children by white English sluts — the ferals reach puberty, copulate with each other and produce yet more useless bastards who go on to lead the same useless and barbaric lives. How much longer can a society continue in this way? The Christian church is dead and buried, only Islam can guide the British people back to morality and decency.” [1]

The Mussulman has pegged his hosts quite well; and he has a good eye for an old and oft-performed play, which might this time be produced on a grander scale: liberals and social libertarians and other glib blighters destroy the fabric of a society, its authorities and moral strictures, its traditions and mores, its native bonds and communities, because such things repress the free expression of their bestial impulses, to which they are in thrall; whereupon, against a mass-collocation of barely personable and irresponsible individuals, and without effective defence from any social redoubts or moral depths, a stark power arises of necessity to set everything in order in the most direct fashion. The comedic aspect of this rather dreary play is that many of these liberal and libertarian blighters — the true believers rather than the cynical promoters — do not realise that they have any role in it at all, let alone a leading role. They are angered to hear otherwise; they believe that they are appearing in what is and what ought to continue to be a light musical farce or a drama of a base or mediocre kind, and are greatly surprised when the curtain comes down and the scenery is changed for the next act.

[1] Bilal H., addressing another commenter in the comments to Unity, “Cheers Tim, but we already know what Fascists are”, Liberal Conspiracy (weblog), 9th June 2009. (Some slight cosmetic changes have been made to the comment.)


xlbrl said...

It is extemely regrettable that Islam is not a moral force, but rather only a force of submission, quite incapable itself of civilization. It is only the story of the scorpion asking the turtle for a ride across the stream; but in our case, the turtle was going to drown anyway. The scorpion may as well get his bite in.

James Higham said...

"The Christian church is dead and buried" should have been written, in the interests of accuracy, "The Christian Church is dead and buried."

The Christian church itself is alive and well in many ordinary hearts.

Silver said...

It is extemely regrettable that Islam is not a moral force, but rather only a force of submission, quite incapable itself of civilization.

Meh, Islam, Schmislam. People with an interest in race should drop the charade that "it's not about race, it's about culture."

James, you don't really believe you would become uncultured and incapable of civilization were you to embrace something called "Islam" do you?

Far and away Islam's greatest problem, like Christianity's, is its race-blindness. It is good that such religions counsel against racial hatred, but why do they ignore the essential racial component of successful, cooperative societies? Not even Muslim societies themselves are able to escape the sort of problems that multiracialism creates.

Islam truly is a socially concerned faith. As such it could do itself no greater favor than to embrace the racial basis of social cohesion and battle the forces working to destroy it. There is no place in such a battle for prideful enunciations of superiority; only place for a recognition of the greater peace and increased cohesion of racial homogeneity.

xlbrl said...

The facts quickly betray that all that is Silver does not shine.
It is a false argument to ask if one would suddenly become uncultured and uncivilized if one were to convert to Islam. A civilized person who is in good mental health would not do that, and almost none do.
In those unfortunate lands of and surrounding the extinct creation of Yugoslavia we find a vast differnce betweem Caucasian people who are of virtually identical genetic heritage, separated culturally and economically only by Islam. Islam, like Marxism, appeals to those things that are instinctive in our DNA--tribalism, collectivism, the need for a strong leader. Civilization is built on the renunciation of instinct, is only ever accomplished without being understood, and is upsetting when it is.
Islam cannot tolerate what civilization requires, and recognizes correctly that it is threatened by it. The only thing that can be said in favor of Islam is that it does not recognize race.
Race and custom are completly separate problems from Islam, and I do not underestimate their continued significance.