Sunday, 20 March 2011

Operative Words

Operation Odyssey Dawn: beginning in the middle of things; or the start of a ten-year quest,  with the god of seas and earthquakes against it from the outset, with lotus-eating, cannibalism, a bag of wind, the turning of men into swine, sirens, drownings, cunning speech and disguises to come.

Operation Harmattan: a hot and dusty wind, ends in the middle of March.

Operation Ellamy: anyone’s guess. Anagram: Meally? M[ilitarily] E[fficient] Ally? Short for: Ella . . . my Dear? New-born daughter of a MOD-official? Chosen by computer? The latter, methinks, the spoilsports.


josh said...

A British steamer and a Baltimore Bullet.

James Higham said...

Oh my goodness - way over my head. Shame on me.

Doofus said...

Like Deogolwulf, I have nothing to say anymore.

Sewa Mobil Jogja said...

Mybe i just reading this, i would like to make some comment, but, huff, i can't say anything. Nice to know you. I will keep reading